Compassionate Counseling

Spiritually-Integrated Psychotherapy and Counseling, a service of CSER

Compassionate Counseling

Money, Don’t let it stop you

I was confronted recently by someone who didn't know me and who said that she heard Psychotherapists, Counselors and even Coaches charge from $150 to $225 per session. She could not afford that. Dr. David Pittle's services are offered by Compassionate Counseling and the Center for Spiritual Exploration and Renewal. Do not let finances stop you from getting help.

People may donate to the CSER, which is a non-profit dedicated to spiritual exploration and renewal and to providing counseling/psychotherapy to folk with less income. Individuals may donate to the continuance of this service, but we are committed to serving folk who do not have a lot of spare money, or who don't have other access to counseling because of restrictive insurance. So feel free to discuss finances at your initial visit.  If circumstances change we hope you will let us know.

We hope that clients will be inspired to contribute to this service so that it will be available to others. There are costs for CSER to cover the expenses of continuing education, re-certifications or membership in the professional organizations that protect clients, but no one is ever turned away because of financial inability. We just hope that the donations from others will cover our costs.

One more thing. we do not accept insurance. Dr. Pittle has rejected offers from insurance companies on three occasions. The paperwork is too burdensome, the payments are too little. But even more important, insurance payments demand that the counselor violate patient confidentiality. We used to accept TriCare which is the insurance provided to active-duty and retired military families. This speaks to our respect for those who have committed to defend the constitution and people of this nation. Unfortunately, because we have had so few TriCare clients we have not been able to maintain the required usage. For those with co-pays, we will try to work within your capability.

The Center for Spiritual Exploration and Renewal is registered with the state of California as a 501.c3 not for profit, organization. If you donate, your donations may be tax deductible.