Compassionate Counseling

Spiritually-Integrated Psychotherapy and Counseling, a service of CSER

Compassionate Counseling

Spirituality–and Psychotherapy

A word about "spirituality".  Some read those words and think, "Religion, Christianity, Judaism, Islam." Spirituality however, is not doctrinal religion–many, but not all, religions substitute dogma for spirituality. Spirituality is something we all experience. It is sense of purpose, reverence, awe and gratitude that some people feel as they look out over the coastal cliffs to the sea, when they stand among the redwoods, when they have had the closeness of sex with a lover, when they look up in a night sky filled with billions of stars, when they have discovered a close connection with a friend, when they have discovered/chosen the purpose for their life. Spirituality is about the Human Spirit.

In fact Greek mythology makes this clearer with the story of the love affair and marriage of Psyche and Eros. The heart of spirituality is the human spirit.

Many of my clients identify themselves as atheist, agnostic, skeptic, "recovering" and yet have found their spiritual center within themselves, their humanity and their Human Spirit;and have integrated that; having chosen their life purpose, their "ground of being."

Spirituality is a part of emotional health. It is freeing, not confining. It is part of an open, adventurous life, not a closed one.If you have questions, I'll be glad to speak with you.

Psychotherapy is not properly about mental illness, it is about emotional, mental and spiritual health. When we look at the meaning of the Greek roots, psycho (spirit) therapy (nurture or repair) of the human spirit, the true meaning becomes clear.