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Compassionate Counseling

Other Effective Therapies and Tools

It is my experience that the solution to solving most emotional distress is cognitive. Changing the way we think leads to changing both our emotions and our behavior.  This is very focused on the present and the future, as it should be. However, we come to our irrational beliefs and ways of thinking as a result of learning from and decisions we made in our past, often in early childhood. Perhaps the best tool we can use in this process is Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which is a generic term for a variety of approaches. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy is the pre-eminent one.

It is very fashionable to focus on the "Here and Now" and it should be. But our here and now is, in part, the result of antecedents; events that took place last year, ten years ago, when we were five years old, etc. The way our parental figures treated us as children is often the source for decisions that govern our beliefs in the present. There is no magic in recognizing and dwelling on the past, but if we ignore it we can easily miss the present beliefs and the link to our present pain.

So having available other tools and the skills to use these is the difference between a master psychotherapist/counselor and less skillful one. I use a variety of tools and this section will explain some of them.

Among those is Hypnosis, Transactional Analysis, Choice Theory, and Somatic therapy. Which of these to use at any given time is based on the needs of the client and which will meet those