Compassionate Counseling

Spiritually-Integrated Psychotherapy and Counseling, a service of CSER

Compassionate Counseling


Out of wide experience, I believe that people in emotional distress have the solutions already available to them. All that any counselor or therapist can do is to help people access their ability to change. Over forty years of experience and with a wide variety of tools help in this task: Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Spirituality and Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy and Sex Counseling among them.

I refuse to join the therapy cults but instead use the latest research-based, end-results oriented tools. Competent counselors (psychotherapists) are known, not for the "sect" of psychotherapy they espouse, but for always looking at the latest information available in the field and learning to apply that knowledge on behalf of clients.

The client's needs must always be the focus of counseling.

Life is an adventure to be experienced and enjoyed. Perhaps it is time to put aside the old emotional habits, negative self-hypnosis and scripts, and live life fully as the self-actualizing person you know you could be.


Dr. Pittle's services are provided by the Center for Spiritual Exploration and Renewal, a 501c3, non-profit corporation, organized and registered under the laws of the State of California.  CSER's symbol is the Interrobang, a combination of question mark and exclamation point suggesting inquiry and wonderment of discovery. interrobang 

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